Outdoor Pools

Outdoor Swimming pool

Having a pool at home adds an ultimate luxury, which not only increases visual features and aesthetic beauty but provides endless hours of entertainment for the whole family.

The outdoor swimming pool comes with an array of designs and shapes, and you can install it easily in your backyard or in the garden to enjoy it throughout the seasons.

Let’s go though why you should go to an outdoor swimming pool.

Enhancing the Appearance of your backyard –

Having an outdoor swimming pool in the backyard provides the perfect way of enhancing the aesthetic beauty of your garden. You can incorporate images within the floor, or an elegantly tiled border is a perfect way to add some pleasures and make sure to prove eye-catching appearance. Beautiful lighting features are enough to create a romantic atmosphere while adding a luxury to your backyard.

You can add on accessories according to your wish for enhancing a variety of outdoor experiences. For kids, you can have inflatables and water-resistant toys to occupy them for hours. Also, it is a great way to organize parties with the perfect amenity right in your own backyard. Ensure to accomplish it with plenty of water games to maximize the fun and comfortability for your guests.

Entertainment for the entire family –

Outdoor swimming pools can easily get accommodated to suit the requirements of everyone in the family. We as an experienced swimming pool builders can advise you with plenty of designs and structures to fulfil all the needs of your family members. If you have kids, you can encourage your kids to practice swimming in pools or to get used to the water. For your teens, it is a great place to invite their friends for a pool-party. However, if you have elder person in your home, be sure to have a staircase rather than a ladder to reduce the chances of accidents.

Maintain your fitness –

 If you are looking to use your swimming pool for exercising purposes, we can help you to add sporting equipment to maximize the benefits.

 You can easily fit the counter-current unit to the most in-ground pool to create a resistant course for you to swim against. Use water weights and floating devices for your kids to ensure safety. Aquatics and aerobics in the water exercise are very beneficial for fitness and muscles toning. Also, it is a good option for those who are recovering for injury, as it is a low impact exercise.

Consideration for outdoor swimming pools construction

Outdoor pools do have their particular design considerations which you need to acknowledge.

Before moving ahead with construction progress, we discuss each and every thing with you, to keep you aware of all ins and outs.

Here we have outlined a few ones

The proximity of your house –

Check how close your pool is from the changing room and other showering facilities. If you are planning to use your pool for the entire year, then the closeness to the house is desirable to minimize the distance from the pool back to your house in the cold. However, if the pool is located a bit far from the house, you must consider the pathway between the changing room and the pool area. Also, make your pool clean from dirt, dust, mud, animal dropping, grass-clippings and ensure these do not get carried from bather’s feet into the pool.

Lighting –

You must ensure the lighting for ensuring the safe use of the pool area and any pathways even in the night. While installing lightning features in your pool, we make sure that it does not only enhance the aesthetically pleasing but should also be functional enough. We ensure to undertake all of the electrical work by a suitably qualified electrician while meeting the Building Regulations.

Surroundings –

The surrounding and pathways of the pool should be accomplished with good materials, to ensure the safety of people. It also helps in preventing the excessive entrance of contamination into the pool water, and aesthetics. The ground surface should not be slippery, unnecessarily uneven and not sandy or loamy.

Many synthetic decoration covers for pool surround surfaces are also available with us.

Poolside Buildings –

Most of the clients, generally, who install a pool with some distance of their house, opt to erect an adjacent building. If any of our clients have any such requirement, we ensure to specify their needs at first stage clearly and guide them size and design accordingly. However, it generally does not require any planning permission, in a few instances, it may require. Especially for those cases where the construction is considered to be permanent, or services (electricity, water, drainage) need connecting to it. To avoid any last moment dispute, we ensure to consult with the local planning regulatories.

Safety –

During our outdoor swimming pool construction process, we consider safety and security features as a must adhere to aspects. However, whilst there are not yet legal obligations governing regards to pool safety in the UK, we always advise our client with the best safety features, especially if they have kids. These few essential safety measurements help in preventing any unauthorized access to the pool at times and minimize the risks of accidental drowning.

Coverings –

All kinds of outdoor swimming pools need covering to secure and to remain clean of any type of dirt, leaves, and to prevent evaporation. There is a range of covering materials which you can use according to your choice, and it can vary significantly in terms of initial cost, and likewise with quality, efficiency and lifespan. If you are low with budget, you can go for bubble-which is a synthetic material akin to thick, blue-coloured, bubble-wrap. However, we generally do not advise having this one, as it eliminates evaporation and gains solar energy that increases the water temperature. Ensure that you purchase a perfect cover to protect your pool from any outside interference from anyone. It also allows you to enjoy your pool for years, and having this facility if coming to sell the house could prove extremely profitable.

Do you need an outdoor pool?

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